Thursday, May 25, 2006

What is National's policy?

Was it your impression that National's policy was to spend based on need, not race?

Yesterday a shouting match erupted over the Minister of Maori Affairs' apparent negligence in not bidding for more money for Maori in the Budget. I'd expect strong criticism from the Maori Party but look who was most upset.

National MP Georgina te Heuheu said Mr Horomia's admission made him a laughing stock and her colleague Tau Henare, a former Maori Affairs Minister, called it "reprehensible".....Mr Horomia and Mr Henare shouted at each other during the Maori Affairs committee hearing.

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Rick said...

Well yeah!
DPF and te Heuheu are off their nut. We see why that woman lost her shadow portfolio.

We've got this disgusting culture of all against all, everyone asking for more government money. It's like Scotty on Star Trek saying by habit that it will take him twice as long to fix the ship because he knows his captain will tell him to do it in half the time.

National should be congratulating Horomia. What a powerful blow that would be for what National is supposed to stand for. Both Labour and National on the same side against the dark side of the Maori party.