Saturday, January 01, 2022

"2020: Millennial Fetal Contentment"

I've stolen the following from Anarchist History of New Zealand because it intrigues me. And Rick has more to say than I do on the first day of 2022:

" Heroic Generation archetypes thrive in structured environments; They love having clear rules laid out so they can follow them. Instructions are to be followed without questions and with clear consequences. They thrive on duties and obligations, rewards and punishments and countdown timers. They are stressed by environments requiring them to be self-starting independent individuals.

Heroic Generations

eg. Long March generation, China

eg. GI Generation, USA

eg. Blitz Generation, UK

eg. Summer Afternoon, NZ

eg. Millennials

When enough Millennials reached young adulthood in the 2010s they cried out in pain. The real world wasn’t like the highly structured environments of their daycare centers or schools. Suicide, self-harm, depression, deviancy, drugs, self-mutilation (eg tatooing,) shock-hair colouring, and piercings became epidemic. When enough young Millennials had the chance to be an influence they promoted ‘Safe Spaces’ and Feminism and Gender Pronouns and Climate Change Catastrophisation and Racism to try to change their uncomfortable world into a place they felt at home.

Since then the Millennials have continued to turn the whole world itself upside-down to make their point of view seem upright. For example, this meme (image, left) says “I don’t have to eat less! You have to stop body-shaming!” and ‘I am not racist if I’m antiwhite’ and ‘It’s not cheating it’s polyamorous’ etc. The old Conformity stressed the Millennial as pointed out in detail in AHNZ’s Millennials Hurting post. Since then the Millennial attitude has transitioned to becoming the Innovation group (Wokism) and now, as of 2020, the Conformity group (COVID Hysteria.)

At last the Millennial can sleep soundly at night. Now we are all living in an hysterical world full of rules and regulations the Millennial feels safe and secure. Other generations are stressed at what the world has become and have trouble sleeping or living a normal life at all. This is what it was like for the Millennial up until recently as they cried themselves to sleep in a fetal position afraid of the competitive material world and its lack of ‘social justice’. The Millennial dream is everyone else’s nightmare.

Needles (in the arm,) nostrils (test probes up the,) masks, ‘Traffic Light’ systems, QR code tracing, policed border crossings, lock downs, managed isolation and quarantine, closed borders, censored media, limitless money-printing, medical professionals made redundant, jab, jab jab, jab jab boost,…and all the rest of the new mainstream “normal.”

Other generations find the Millennials’ environment (they have colonised our world now) increasingly stressful. Even exhausting to the point of not knowing if we can endure. The Millennial has been prepping for this kind of space they are adapted to all their lives. They can do this all day, all week, all year,..for them it is never supposed to end."


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Control what you can

At 20 you feel as if life goes on forever.

At 60 plus you are keenly aware that it does not.

It thoroughly disturbs me that so many young people are experiencing psychological trauma about climate change. To be precise "eco or climate - anxiety".

It's tragic that these anxious young people aren't living their lives with optimism. Aren't intellectually free to pursue ambitions born from their own unique desires and attributes.

Life itself is an amazing win. The odds of being conceived are less than those of striking Lotto.

It should be grabbed and relished.

Your life belongs to you and you alone. It's the only thing you can actually control.