Thursday, February 24, 2022

Luxon likes lefties way too much

Talking to Chris Lynch this morning on Magic Talk, National Leader Chris Luxon was singing the praises of our last Children's Commissioner Andrew Becroft. There is no link available so you have to trust me. He said something to the effect that Becroft was a really great Children's Commissioner (in a discussion about the role being disestablished).

Becroft was a really great socialist. He clamored for bigger benefits and wage indexed benefits.

He supported Labour's move to stop requiring mothers to name the father of their child (after describing, as Principal Youth Court Judge earlier, how the most common factor in those that appeared before him was 'fatherlessness.)  He called for child support payments to stop being used to offset sole parent benefits, preferring the taxpayer to make up the shortfall. Because more than half of sole parents are Maori he said the current law was racist.  He backs the devolution of Oranga Tamariki services to Maori buying into the 'legacy of colonization' excuses for disproportionate Maori child abuse. 

While I cannot give you his direct word-for-word quote from this morning's interview here is what he said in his departure interview: 

The Māori staff in my office tell me that pre-colonised New Zealand was a land where children were not only valued but were also involved and included in community decision-making. 

That’s not something we do so well in New Zealand now. 

Over his tenure I watched him tow the government line more and more; the Maori world-view more and more.

Not once did I read or see him advocate for parental responsibility. He was totally into Jacinda's Robin Hood recipe for child poverty reduction.

Even if Luxon only read the well-meaning headlines he must have formed some opinion of the Commissioner's chosen ideology.

Luxon likes lefties way too much.

Monday, February 21, 2022

A sample of the anti-mandate protestors

312 responded face-to-face. Poll-wise margin of error plus or minus 4.6%

      - Most aged over 41

      - Labour was the most common vote at last election

      - Maori representation almost double their share in the population

      - Slightly more women than men

      - Largest share come from provincial NZ

      - Just over three quarters are unvaccinated

So your typical protestor is an older Maori female who voted Labour at the last election?

I saw plenty who superficially fit that bill.