Thursday, May 02, 2013

Truth Column April 25 - May 1

My Truth column published April 25 - May 1:

Apparently the electricity market isn’t operating correctly so consumers pay too much. Like petrol, it seems suppliers have formed unofficial price-fixing cartels. While each operator maintains an acceptable market share and profits are good, they don’t compete hard. The wide price variations seen in clothing or food (two other essentials) don’t occur.
With power the retailer buys from the wholesaler – or generator.
Norman Shearer (let’s call him Little Norm) says forcing down the generator’s price with state legislation – or price-fixing – will stop the problem of … price-fixing. Why?

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Excusing thuggery

The Greens are promising to repeal the Three Strikes law because it's apparently rendering punishments too severe for the level of offending.

In this case a 20 year-old with 20 convictions was given his first strike for violent aggravated robbery in 2010. Now he has been given a second strike for two further charges of aggravated robbery. It would appear that some people think kicking and robbing people is small beer which didn't warrant a second strike (meaning any subsequent similar  conviction would receive the maximum sentence possible - 14 years.)

Greens justice spokesman David Clendon said: "Judges know the detail and context of each case, but they are hamstrung by this legislation that says no matter what the circumstances they must impose the highest possible sentence ...
"Fourteen years is a sentence for manslaughter, a sustained beating, an assault on a child or even attempted murder."
The Greens would "definitely" seek to repeal the law if they came to power, Mr Clendon said.

Just one name.

Philip Cottrell.

Violent aggravated robbery can easily result in significant physical or mental injury, even death.

And the judge who deals with this type of criminality daily says Whaanga's offending is escalating.

I'm relieved he has been sent to prison for two years with no parole and a very large incentive to stop being a dangerous thug when he comes out. I care more about his past and potential victims than his rights.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Paid Parental Leave : Just a drop in the ocean?

There are always people looking for a hand-out prepared to argue that the cost to the taxpayer is "just a drop in the ocean". What's $100 million in a budget of $70 billion?

Come on Bill. Stop being so tight. Think of the public good.

Actually, it isn't a drop in the ocean. It's a drop in a shot glass.

100 million: 70 billion represents 1:700

There are 12 drops per ml or 700 drops per 58 ml.

(Without much forethought I expected this exercise would reveal a large bucket or bottle. Just shows the power of idiom.)

What happened to Tapu Misa?

I've only just noticed that long-time NZ Herald columnist Tapu Misa hasn't produced anything since February 2013. Is she gone burger or just on leave?