Saturday, October 20, 2018

Benefit sanctions reduce by 36 percent

A thirty six percent reduction in benefit sanctions between the September 2017 and 2018 quarters.

And a 7.4% rise in Jobseeker numbers.

My comment in the Taxpayer's Union recent report into benefit sanctions:

Obligations are a reality in the workplace, in schools and in our relationships. Why wouldn’t they be part of the benefit system? Far from being unfair to beneficiaries they ensure integrity and a level playing field for all who have dealings with Work and Income. Beneficiary advocates should support - rather than oppose - obligations because they build public confidence in the benefit system, lift empathy and regard for those who rely on it, and willingness to pay for it. Most New Zealanders believe in a social safety net but also want to trust that it is not being abused.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Moral standards in politics

It's odd. I've been around politicians. I know they can be coarse of language, and that they try to bend rules within legal bounds.

Why then am I surprised, even shocked by Simon Bridges comportment?

Simon toured NZ telling us what a wholesome family man he is. Ironically the tour's expenses began (reportedly) this vendetta. (Jamie Lee Ross is well beyond the pale and not the focus of my thoughts.)

This now is his biggest problem.

The persona he was at pains to portray is at odds with the man who we now know casually and crassly passes judgement on those who have stood by him.

There is just something missing in him.He's a sham.