Thursday, November 25, 2021

Woke feminist BS

I am sick to death of women crying victim because of so-called offensive comments. 

I am not sick to death of women who have genuine, almost or non-recoverable experience of male sexual violence.

But Jacqui Dean shouldn't be a representative of the people if she takes offence at something only a tiny minority would. 

She certainly needs a head-check if she thinks her dealt-with complaint should be revisited and escalated five years down the line.

For Judith Collins to comandeer such a lame duck, limp, poster girl for 'safe' workplaces is an abuse in and of  itself. What was going on in her head?

Men and women have co-existed, and procreated together forever. 

Can't we all grow up and learn to deal with each other one on one without the government telling us how?

Monday, November 22, 2021

Are you ready for Air Aotearoa?

A Stuff reporter writes

"Air New Zealand says it is cancelling more than 1000 flights between Aotearoa and Australia from now to the end of the year due to border uncertainty."

Cancellations aside, it makes no sense for a country increasingly called Aotearoa to have its airline cling to the old name of New Zealand.

Is it time to get ready for another major re-branding?

I don't know about you but Air Aotearoa doesn't conjure up that warm sense of familiarity felt from near and afar, and pride in the airline's quirky professionalism.

But my reluctance is probably just a facet of subconscious racism. I should succumb to the educators.

As for the rest of the world, international customers, private and commercial, they'll be left to wonder where Air New Zealand disappeared to.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Something rotten in the state of New Zealand

There's a feeling afoot, backed with evidence, that the state is increasingly on the side of wrong-doers. 

Take the issue of forcing blameless people to live next to anti-social, criminal neighbours.

In 2018 the HNZ chief operating officer said:

"We measure our success by not having any evictions. Every eviction is a failure [so] the lower the number, the better."

Evictions fell from over a hundred during the last National government's term to zero in the last 3 years.

Yet HNZ 'success' is leading to social cohesion failure highlighted by a number of recent nightmare cases which we read about and quietly murmur to ourselves, "There but for the grace..."

When challenged about gangs Stuart Nash says there is nothing to fear. In May:

“In terms of feeling unsafe, unless you’re a gang member, you have no reason to feel unsafe."

Tell that to the poor pensioner in Northland who was told by a gang member neighbour he would cut the old man's throat. Stop and think for a moment how you would feel if that was your father.

I grew up in a time when we took for granted that actually the police - or other authorities - would act to safeguard innocent people. I now think that trust is a faded memory.

If it was merely a matter of inadequate resourcing it would be fixable.

But the application of inverted thinking is far more difficult to confront.

It wouldn't surpprise if  some on the left, some of academia, some of the brain-washed graduates secretly think the 'privileged' are on their own. Suck it up as punishment for what your colonial ancestors did.

That is a very dangerous rejection of a system of laws, and consequences for breaking those laws, that must treat all citizens equally. Yes, there are systemic failures but the principle must still hold fast. The alternative is unthinkable.

This soft-on-crime attitude must have preceded the current government because I well recall then ACT MP Stephen Franks' observation about the naivety which expressed as "If we just keep being kind to crims for long enough they'll start being kind back."

Unfortunately I now think the proliferating philosophy is under-pinned, at least in part, by more sinister motivations.