Thursday, November 25, 2021

Woke feminist BS

I am sick to death of women crying victim because of so-called offensive comments. 

I am not sick to death of women who have genuine, almost or non-recoverable experience of male sexual violence.

But Jacqui Dean shouldn't be a representative of the people if she takes offence at something only a tiny minority would. 

She certainly needs a head-check if she thinks her dealt-with complaint should be revisited and escalated five years down the line.

For Judith Collins to comandeer such a lame duck, limp, poster girl for 'safe' workplaces is an abuse in and of  itself. What was going on in her head?

Men and women have co-existed, and procreated together forever. 

Can't we all grow up and learn to deal with each other one on one without the government telling us how?


workingman said...

I no doubt there are offensive comments made to women, or made when women are around, especially in the work place. I though was once the only male in an office of about 20 women and boy (or should I not identify that way) was that an experience. The verbal and physical harrasment was unbelievable. That was an eye opener to me.

Fred said...

In my experience many circulators of dirty jokes/off-colour humour are women. This whole thing is a bit ridiculous.

pdm said...

Worked once who could hold er own with anyman when it came to foul language or dirty jokes. We used to call her `Dithers' after a TV character (the show escapes n=me but think he was a gardener) because she used to get the shakes after a couple of drinks.