Friday, February 07, 2020

Unfashionable to expect much from husbands

A husband making a fleeting appearance at the very end of this story took me by surprise.

Latest unemployment rates

The December unemployment rate is down from 4.1 to 4 percent. But there underlying trends seen when graphed out ie the European and Maori rates have increased for the past two quarters while Pacific and Asian rates have been declining.

(MELAA = Middle-eastern, Latin American, African)

In respect of the OECD New Zealand is in 14th lowest place:

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Sunday, February 02, 2020

Police on bikes take note

As police are about to take to bikes....

...I recommend the following tutorial:

"...employers are freezing the over 50s out of the job market"

A Stuff headline reads:

How employers are freezing the over 50s out of the job market
The single and over-45 population is more likely to suffer poverty than any group other than single parents and the situation is worse if you're female, Māori or Pasifika. As Kiwis are less and less financially prepared for retirement there is an older generation desperate to work - but nobody will hire them.... Caroline Nola is one of dozens Stuff spoke to this week, after we sought stories from older people struggling to find work. 
The article provides lots of stats but none that support the headline. They missed these:

50-54 year-olds have the second highest rate employment.
55-59 year-olds have a reducing employment rate but the lowest unemployment rate.
60-64 year-olds have a similar employment rate to 20-24 year-olds (71.5 versus 72.1%)

Susan St John makes an appearance saying:
There was evidence that more seniors were accessing benefits and food grants, and the welfare system did nothing to help, she said. 
Yes there is evidence. But the increase in Jobseeker benefit is much higher among 25-39 year-olds:

I feel very sorry for anyone who attends multiple interviews and gets nowhere. It's demoralising and depressing. But that scenario isn't confined to older applicants.