Saturday, March 05, 2022

Maori fertility rate drops to historic low

By the end of 2021, the Maori fertility rate had dropped to 1.99

This is a fall from the first Stats NZ recorded rate of 6.28 in 1963

That's around one fewer Maori child every 14 years though the substantive drop occurred as women became able to control their fertility more effectively.


The Maori rate up until 1991 was based on ethnicity of child and degree-of-blood. So the steep drop between 1963 and 1991 also reflects the intermixing between Maori and non-Maori.

When the stats resume in 1995 they are based on ethnicity of the mother and self-identification.

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

I was there again today...

 ... but left too early to experience the unnecessary mayhem that kicked off later in the afternoon.

I reported to a friend:

The focal point has moved to the corner of Molesworth and Hill streets, but some are still at the steps of parliament. There is a guy keeping up a calming narrative (I know you hate that word, but this is the proper use) as the police broadcast a trespass message. It's quite powerful. 

I think the authorities are planning to broadcast some terrible sustained screeching noise which they rehearse periodically. Earbuds have been handed out.

I moved up to the hub where lines of riot police are facing the crowd, some of whom are sitting on the tops of remaining vehicles. People are making short speeches and music is playing. National MP Mark Mitchell said on NewstalkZB this morning there are far more gang members there now. I didn't see them. There's two tidy Mongrel Mob members who have been there from early days.

I made friends with Bubba from Tauranga and gave her my number if she needs help. Her van was towed away last night, to where she hasn't a clue. She still has her tent, but police are moving in on those too starting from the Hill St side. The protestors at the front line have to watch as police drag tents, tarpaulins, chairs, blankets etc down Hill St and biff them all in a high-sided tip-truck. The police are manning all the vehicles that are towing, bulldozing etc.

When I arrived in town earlier, I ended up behind one of the very long Corrections transporters so followed it. All the way to the police station by the central library. They had blocked off the last road though and by the time I had circled the block and parked they were already offloading the final arrested protestor and taking into the station. What amazed me was not one member of the media had bothered to capture any of this. It's truly horrible.

I left around 1pm. It's been pretty quiet and I think the police will continue dirty deeds under the cloak of darkness. (How wrong I was).

Look at this 'violent nasty thug' readying to 'hold the line'. The police look like they are dressed up for roller-blading. It'd be funny if it wasn't so dreadful.

It was important for me to be there. Otherwise I wouldn't know that media descriptions like "just a pack of lowlifes " simply weren't true.