Thursday, December 20, 2018

Crime down

RNZ reports:
The country's first crime and victims survey suggests almost two million crimes were committed last year, about seven times the number reported to police.
This isn't the country's first crime and victims survey. It may be a new format or design but over the years the Crime and Safety Surveys have consistently shown far higher rates of offending than police recorded crime rates. In that respect the results of the latest are barely newsworthy.

What is of interest is comparisons to earlier years. RNZ did not pursue that. The latest shows that:

The survey suggested there were just under 1.8 million criminal offences in the past 12 months - that compares to about 256,000 reported to the police.
The 2014 survey found:

 1.9 million incidents of crime were identified in 2013
– down 30% from 2.7 million in 2008.
So the trend is down.

You wonder why the RNZ reporter didn't bother to look for the salient story.