Sunday, May 21, 2006

Redistribution NZ- Style

Did you know that;

- 12 percent of people are paying 50 percent of the income tax collected?

- 65 percent of people are paying 20 percent of the income tax collected?

Consider this:

Average family gross income: ($)
- couple with children 88,661
- couple with no children 70,184
- sole parent 27,806
- single person 27,740

(Includes benefits and other non-wage income for year ended June 2007).

Couples with children are, on average, the highest income earners. Yet this is the group current economic policy targets for increased redistribution receipt.

A family with two children qualifies for Family Support up to $65,940 and the In-Work payment up to $81,540. The highest cut-off point for family income assistance is now $109,880.

The childless have three options; have kids, pay for somebody else's or leave the country.


Anonymous said...

As someone who was childless and self employed for all but the last few years, it's quite novel to actually qualify for something at all. And after having paid for everybody else all that time, and still paying for everybody else right now, and in the near future, I'm happy that I get at least something back. I can't wait for the day where the not-poor get their sticky beaks out of my hard earned money however. Truth is, in NZ, I think we're talking generations, if that time will come at all. If the majority is benefiting from this Dick Turpin style wealth distribution, I don't see the motivation ever being there in a sufficient amount of people to change it. And no, I'm not leaving. Someone has to stay and try to make a go of it. Running away is not very communist of them ;)

Anonymous said...

YOu know, I would really, *REALLY* like to see those treasury tables updated to reflect the results of the redistribution - the *net* tax paid by each group after welfare-for-familes etc is added-in.

I seem to recall Dr. Cullen triumphently mentioning that a couple with two chilren on 38,000 effectively pays zero tax. This would suggest that 35-40% of people are paying *ALL* the tax.

Rebel Heart said...


Canterbury ACT on Campus member Stanley Climbfall has been banned from a Left wing blog for debating tax cuts.

Stanley calls on all who support the Right to continue the discussion and show that oppression of the people does not kill the liberal vision. Lefties are also invited to participate and further build on their arguments.

"We cannot allow people to be misinformed by shutting down debate. Statements such as "Stan, you seem to put a lot of faith in tax cuts. The problem here is that it’s by no means proven that they have the results you suggest." and "I’ve always found it hilarious how ready people are to believe fix the economy and everything else will magically fix itself. It sounds kind of like salesman talk." will only allow economic ignorance to continuously plague the blogosphere. If we want people to understand what ACT and National are advocating we need to fight the suppression of differing points of views." Stanley said.

Site owner Andrew Brehaut attacks the Maxim Institute by labelling their core responsibilities as "guns and gay bashing". He calls Rodney Hide and Heather Roy residents of "Toad Hall". The relevant link is


Lawrence of Otago said...

Responding to jesus crux / Satnley Climbfall:

Typical bleat from a compulsion touter.
Who owns the blog? Brehart, I presume.

Respect his/all property rights and you might find some principles for that excuse you call a back bone.

Remember you are a guest on that forum as I am here. You have no rights. If you do not like those terms establish your own forum.