Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Hobson's choice

Lung cancer or diabetes? Many people worry that if they give up smoking they will gain weight. One of the target groups for anti-smoking campaigners is teenage girls. Appearance is often top of their priority list.

Some US economic research into the growth of obesity has found, "The rapid increase in obesity in the 1980s is partly an 'unintended consequence of the campaign to reduce smoking'." But the most important link the researchers found was between BMI and the number of restaurants in a given area.

Which reminds me, the US is the only place I have been where they sell anti-acids in restaurants.


Brian Smaller said...

I'd rather be cuddled up to a cuddly woman than one that smells like an ashtray thanks.

Anonymous said...

Look at the skin of a 35 year old that smoked all her life, and one that hasn't smoked. Then tell them they're more beautiful because they smoke.