Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finnish and French state-lovers

A group of Finns have founded the Happy Taxpayers Association and the French have banned vending machines in shools (the French vice-President was in NZ today recommending we do the same.)

Go away!

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Anonymous said...


Surely as a lover of liberty you should accept the fact some people are happy to pay taxes and form a club to support the idea?

And what's so upsetting about removing vending machines from schools? Packed too many lunches have you? :) I support the idea that empty calories shouldn't be overly accessible in a school. You are what you eat - no matter what school you go to, what teachers you have, how well resourced and how rich the parents, if the kid eats refined sugar as a main diet s/he's going to be begind the eight ball right from the beginning.

Or maybe you're talking about those fruit and fresh salad vending machines ;)

There are plenty of opportunities for our children to exercise their spending power outside of the school, so let the school be a place geared for learning - including the promotion of foods that support concentration and sustained blood sugar levels.

Well, that's my idea about it, anyway.

As for the French - sure, go away! ;) No reason needed!!! ;) ;) ;)