Thursday, May 25, 2006


The multi-million dollar Families Commission was the price government paid to keep United Future sweet after the 2002 election. Of course it was always going to be hyjacked by the Left so the government wasn't too bothered. Remember the first hassles over the definition of a "family"?

United Future created the exact opposite of what they envisaged. This was once again obvious today with Families Commissioner, Rajen Prasad backing Sue Bradford's bill at a select committee submission.

How the right-wing christians were hoodwinked.

United Future position; New Zealand families will lose their children to CYFS zealots if Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking Bill passes into law, United Future deputy leader Judy Turner said today.

United Future policy; Give the Families Commission responsibility for co-ordinating and promoting parenting education programmes, as well as initiating public education campaigns promoting parenting skills.

United Future achievements; secured $28 million of funding over four years and the passage of legislation to establish the Families Commission, which will ensure that all government legislation will be tested for its impact on families (as per the supply and confidence agreement)


Brian Smaller said...

$28 million dollars for six years of government. Cheap at half the price. Peter Dunne and his 'party' are a joke.

Rick said...

It is a great story to keep.

Moral for United is not to make these nasty big government weapons because they're dangerous..

It's like the Frankenstine myth actually.