Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Give us facts, not feel-good fabrications

Why does David Benson-Pope constantly play us for fools?

Minister: Family support telephone pilot helping one in four families

Mr Benson-Pope says actual Family Helpline calls over the past year have confirmed this: In the period of 20 March 2005 to 15 May 2006, the 211 Helpline answered 15,918 calls. Given that there are approximately 64,000 families in the region this is equivalent to one call from every four families.

It might also be that one in sixteen families called the line four times.

Either he doesn't have the information or he isn't saying. Either is bad.

UPDATE; And here's another couple of things. The period he quotes is not a year and there are 75,100 families in the Bay of Plenty region. Why does it matter? Because based on the "success" of this trial he will roll it out right around the country.
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