Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Shooting galleries "

The United Kingdom are having another look at introducing hygenic environments for addicts to inject themselves. Have a read before you dismiss the idea. We already dispense methadone to thousands of NZ addicts daily.

Welcoming the report, chief executive of drugs education charity DrugScope Martin Barnes said: "This carefully-considered report will test the extent to which we are able to have an informed, rational and calm debate about drugs policy and reducing drug-related harms."


Anonymous said...

The problem is Lindsay is that they will either remain basically unused or if used will not remain hygenic but will degenerate into squalor.

I saw "Model housing" for the poor in Washington DC. A real effort had been made to make these places nice, with landscaped exteriors etc.

They didn't stay that way, The inhabitants for the most part didn't care. Those that did (and there were some) were fighting a losing battle.

Needless to say Drug abuse and its associated culture played a big part in this picture.

Anonymous said...

A poverty of values.

Anonymous said...

Whose values, james?