Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wayne Again

I'm not on a witch-hunt but the news the PC Eradicator generates is silly.

Here he is having a go at the Ministry of Social Development for substituting "additional" needs for "special" needs.

Wayne Mapp - or PC Eradicator as he is sometimes called - is flabbergasted a ministry report seems to frown upon the term "special needs". The report replaces the term with "additional needs" throughout the lengthy document, stating it wants to break the convention of the term "special".

Wayne Mapp says it is hypersensitivity because there is little difference between the two terms. He is wondering whether a set of bureaucrats put a committee in place to come up with the new word.

Doesn't he remember that "special" needs was a descriptive "non-judgemental" replacement for conditions like epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, intellectual handicap etc. Yet "special" needs is now the standard he defends.

This man is really in a hole and digging...

The blame lies with the jackass who dreamt up the role.


Oswald Bastable said...

Special needs or additional needs.

Technically the second is more correct, but big deal, so what?

I have no problen saying I have an intellectually handicapped child.

That term was PC in its day.

And I'm bloody grateful for the support from NZ's taxpayers!

YOU are really making a difference with someone who didn't place himself in these circumstances!

With one IHC child, I would not place the burden of more (possibly IHC) children on my family or the rest of NZ.

Anonymous said...

I imagine Oscar Wilde would have enjoyed lampooning all sides of the PC/anti-PC "debate".