Friday, January 27, 2006

Discrimination against the childless

The Working for Families extension kicks in from April 1, 2006. I am all in favour of tax cuts but across the board. And many families will soon be recieving more in cash credits than they pay in tax!

Working for Families is discrimination against the childless. And if you don't think it amounts to much have a look at these two examples;

Currently a family earning $45,000 per year with two young children receives Family Assistance of $46 per fortnight. From April 2006 that will increase to $277.

A family earning $60,000 per year with two young children is currently not eligible for Family Assistance but from April they will receive $161 per fortnight.

Look, all you childless people should get breeding. If you don't have your own you are going to pay for someone else's anyway. You aren't allowed to decide you'd like to use your money to start a business or travel the world or save for your retirement. Children are a much worthier cause. Nanny says so.

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