Monday, January 23, 2006

Mike Moore on the political landscape

Mike Moore has a good column in today's DomPost, "Home seen through new eyes," in which he makes some observations about what has changed most since he's been away. Here are a couple;

"What's also very different in New Zealand is the number of tax-payer funded TV advertisements telling us to be better people. All good and worthy causes. Don't smoke, cover up food in hot weather, drive better, watch kids in pools, don't dive into rivers without checking, safe sex, exercise.

But does it work, or is it about showing that the government cares about us? The government must be the biggest ad buyer on TV and radio unlike in other democratic countries."

Well spotted. His list is a little light though. Let's not forget advice on alcohol consumption, gambling, avoiding the sun, avoiding accidents in the home, securing your home against criminals, avoiding domestic violence. What have I forgotten?

"Whatever happened to the stoic Kiwi who took it on the chin? And what's this about the new 'stress' industry where well-paid public executives need paid time off because they have a tough job? Hey, that's why they get the big bucks. Get another job if you're not up to it."

Absolutely. But Moore still thinks Labour can get it right.

"Labour now has a stronger Cabinet with the promotion of Southern Speights-drinking males David Parker, Clayton Cosgrove and Damien O'Connor. Hopefully they will fight the out-of-control bureaucrats who know best and want to social engineer us to be more like them."

Sounds like the real kiwi blokes vs the chardonnay socialists. But what is it the bloke says, "Shes a hard road finding the right woman mate."

It's an even harder road getting rid of her.(see Clark guns for another term as PM.)

Moore finishes with a rhetorical question, "Isn't it good the last two governments have not changed the fundamental reforms of the 80's?"



Anonymous said...

His stats are a little light, too. He says "One in 25 Kiwis was not born here." It's actually 1 in 5 (19.5%)

Rick said...

I havn't been home in 2yrs, but here in Australia it's like that too with the adds. Especially on behalf of the State Gov of Victoria.

Anonymous said...

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