Thursday, October 27, 2011

A poser for you

Earlier this week orange ribbons began appearing on most lamposts in Eastbourne. At least, south of the shops. Initially I thought the posts were being marked for some sort of maintenance. Then, walking dog, I noticed the same ribbons had been tied to the railings that go over the steps at the esplanade seawall. At which point I figured it was some sort of stunt. 2 days later plaques sporting began appearing over some of the ribbons. Well, I thought, someone has gone to so much trouble to get my attention, it would be churlish not to do what they want me to.

Have a look.

Any ideas as to what this is about? Anyone more imaginative than me want to take a stab? Not some bureaucratic council zoning according to tsunami threat I hope.


RightNow said...

The domain name is registered by Hutt City Council

I'm guessing something to do with civil defence - possibly an awareness campaign. Perhaps what zone you'd be in after a significant earthquake.

Anonymous said...

A teaser advertising a new brand of licorice allsorts?


S.Beast said...

Obviously a waste of money and an insult to intelligence.

No City Council can accurately forcast what areas would be safe from Tsunami unless you live high on a hill, 20Km inland.