Monday, May 01, 2006

State housing research spin-off

A study has revealed that people on the waiting list for state houses have worse health than those already in them. So the researchers conclude we need more state housing.

I suppose it would be too politically incorrect to conduct a study which compared the health of people in state housing to that of people in private housing, controlling for income. But if they did and the second group had better health, then the researchers should logically conclude we need less state housing.


Brian Smaller said...

Well, the State house tenants who live next door to one of my flats in Lower Hutt have turned the place from a beautifully maintained property (previous tenants had been there for about 30 years or more) into a slum in less than a year. In fact, in less than six months. Their kids are running around outside at 11pm at night, cold and hungry (my tenants complained to me that they were having the neighbours kids coming over and asking for food). But I have to admit that they do seem to smoke outside juding by the huge pile of cig butts outside the front door - so they must at least take those anti-smoking adverts to heart.

llew said...

You say "people on the waiting list for state houses "

So they aren't state tenants yet (the vast majority anyway), and many of them never will be.

And as for it being politically incorrect to compare the health of state tenants to others... just such a study has been underway (focus on hospitalisations I believe) for the last few years.

The wgtn school of medicine site probably has some info.