Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Maori Party reject organ donation

I'm listening to an interview with Andy Tookey who has campaigned for greater awareness of organ donation. He has just learned that the Maori Party are going to vote against Jackie Blue's bill because they "don't believe in organ donation". A few weeks ago they told him they would be voting for the bill because Maori formed a large percentage of people waiting for organ donation.



Anonymous said...

The reason they oppose it is cultural - Maori have a tradition that a dead body is left whole.

Why they sold shrunken heads ...

Lindsay Mitchell said...

...shrunken heads from slaves specifically tattooed to be decapitated. By the way, ariki never put a genuine moko on a slave or that would have given him mana and he couldn't have been killed.

Anonymous said...

I am the co-author of the organ donor bill alongside Jackie Blue. I took this idea to Jackie and we have been working on it ever since.

Without going into great detail here I would like to point out that if you agree with autonomy & that others should not be able to veto your wishes then you may like to sign my petition (online)

I will be presenting the petition the Parliament when I am called to present my submission to the bill in about 8 weeks time.

There will be heavy opposition to this bill from the doctors so could do with as many signatures on my petition as possible!

To add your name to the petition, or to read the actual bill, or for details on how to make your own submission to Parliament on it. Visit my website: