Monday, May 08, 2006

Half the story

Here's David Benson-Pope on the latest beneficiary numbers, down 2.9 percent in the year to March.

As he has only given you the overall decrease, here is the breakdown;

Invalid benefit - up 2,100 or 3 percent
Sickness benefit - up 2,300 or 5 percent
DPB - down 2,300 or 2 percent
Unemployment benefit - down 10,400 or 19 percent

"The government believes that ultimately work is the best way out of poverty, and provides the best social and economic outcomes for families in the long run," Mr Benson-Pope said.

There's a problem word in that sentence. ULTIMATELY. Finally, eventually, sooner or later, in the end. Why did he use it?

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Swimming said...

because ultimately, many are going off the unemployment benefit to the sickness benefit - or to a wananga.