Monday, May 08, 2006

The power of TV

Apparently DIY shows are causing men to have DIY accidents.

So perhaps those TV ads showing blokes falling off ladders are making blokes.....fall off ladders. Afterall, this is the leading cause of DIY accidents.

Whatever, here comes the government galloping to our rescue.

".....this could soon be a thing of the past. New government rules are set to limit the size of projects handymen can tackle. At present, anyone can renovate as long as building inspectors check the work. By 2011, only licensed builders will be able to carry out the work."

Failing that the government will consider passing legislation to ban further production of DIY programmes....


Brian Smaller said...

Once more regulation will force prices up. It is hard enough to get a tradesman now. Imagine how hard it will be in 2011 when they have to do everything.

Kate said...

Lindsay, I have been reading your blog since you commented about me a few weeks ago and as someone who claims to comment about welfare and who has been published your blog is very weak. I think you would have more credibilty if you actually assessed and analysed the arguements and illustrated your points instead of just attacking everything as your arguement.

Lindsay said...

Kate, If you are after lengthy welfare analysis and argument try where most of what I have written since 2002 is archived.