Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's the 'means' you've got to watch

The government's decision to force loop unbundling will be acclaimed by many as pro-competition and progressive. Actually, the government stepped in and told the rightful owners what they will do with their property. This is one of those situations where the 'end' looks favourable to so many people that they are quite happy to overlook the 'means'.

Doesn't make it right.


James said...

Going by the debate on DPF's blog and posts on others this is an issue that has really seperated the morally principled from the "Neo-principled" ,ie those who support rights to private property until they see a benefit for themselves in violating them.

James said...

The same people would be outraged at coming home to find their homes and property had been "unbundeled" by crininals in their absense....hypocrites!

Gekko said...

Hell yeah! I'm staggered at the amount of hypocrisy going on over at DPF right now. Of course I expected Jordan to toe the red line but as soon as DPF's lot saw a benefit for themselves, their snouts went into the trough like a shot.
Not very encouraging really.