Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Half the story 2

David Benson-Pope is congratulating his government over the lowest unemployment seen since the mid-eighties. There are now 44,549 on the dole compared to 42,405 in 1986.

If he wants to make comparisons here's a few more.

DPB 1986 62,570 2006 103,362 +65 percent
Invalid benefit 1986 21,993 2006 74,401 +238 percent
Sickness benefit 1986 9,517 2006 46,072 +384 percent


libertyscott said...

Of course in 1986 a fair number of unemployed were "working" for the Post Office, Railways etc, now they have alternative benefits.

Brian Smaller said...

I cannot but be amazed at how sick the workforce has become in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of politicians that deliberately misrepresent facts. Is Benson-pope's claim a serious evaluation of the situation? He's a waste of taxpayers money.