Monday, November 04, 2013

"Real men don't whine" - Cunliffe

Newstalk ZB just featured Labour leader David Cunliffe talking about discomfit with the man ban saying, "Real men don't whine". This is a reference to potential and existing male Labour MPs who have dared to take issue with the gender quota.

That's a nasty new low. But so typical of the left's modus operandi. To paint your detractor as having a flawed or weak character rather than argue the idea.

Achievement should be based on merit. No more and no less. Start basing it on anything else and it becomes meaningless and damaging. But male readers, don't agree with me or you're a wuss, a big girl's blouse.

There is a clear development here. Cunliffe is saying any man that doesn't support feminism is not a "real man".

The Labour party has effectively put up a sign, "Feminists only need apply."


Kiwiwit said...

I think we are seeing the first signs of what life in New Zealand will be like under a Cunliffe-led government. Anyone who does not agree with their position will be a whiner, racist, misogynist, extremist, right-wing bigot.

Shane Pleasance said...

He really is an insufferable twat.

thor42 said...

"Real men don't whine"?

B-b-b but that's what Labour does all the time!
Oh, wait - they don't *have* any "real men".... ;)

Anonymous said...

Isn't he a pain.
So far left it's not funny.
I would never vote Cunliffe. he is a twat of the highest order.
a Marxist, Greenie, subversive twat.
Power hungry to the max, too.

Oswald Bastable said...

Good! another nail in their coffin!

Richard McGrath said...

Oh dear. I suspect that same put-down will be used by Whale Oil (and others!) every time Cunliffe opens his pie-hole to complain about something the Key govt has done.