Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A law change won't stop worst offenders

In today's DomPost:

The law could be changed to zero tolerance and have as much effect on drink-drivers as the smacking ban has had on child abusers.


Anonymous said...

....or dog chipping on dog assults.


Anonymous said...

The smacking ban wasn't supposed to stop child abuse. It was supposed to stop courts from exonerating child abusers who whacked their kids with electrical flex or 4x2s.

But as for the drink-drive ban, even Helen didn't go that far. I'd rather have the light bulb ban and be able to drink (Helen) than have old-stye light-bulbs and not be able to drink (Key)

Just goes to show that Aunty Key's government is more nanny-statist, and more left-wing, than Aunty Helen's was.

sharihyder said...

Anon 2 - You are saying you are ok with drinking and driving?
Have you not heard cops repeatedly say: "If you drink, don't drive".
There is no stopping youth from drinking and driving.
It's to do with their bullet proof mentality.
Adults know better, yes?
Zero tolerance should be the goal.
The sooner the message gets across. the better.
Numbers can be confusing.
Zero is easy to remember.

Anonymous said...

I'm not OK with a Nanny State. And Aunty Key is more of a Nanny than Aunty Hellen every was.

At least Aunty Hellen wore pants; Aunty Key seems to spend most of his time in a Sarong or a lava-lava.

Allistar said...

No one is putting limits on how much you can drink. What they are doing it putting limits on how much you can drink *if you are going to drive*. That's a massive difference. Drink all you like. Just don't cause harm to other people because of the lack of control such drinking causes.