Monday, November 04, 2013

Asia rising

Since changing laptops I have been unable to post images, and my sitemeter and search function both disappeared. The problem is now fixed and am belatedly posting a graph that caught my eye  last week depicting the rising fortunes of Asia and waning fortunes of the West. We are lucky to be well-placed to take advantage. The rankings depicted are 2009-2013.

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thor42 said...

Yep, we are very lucky indeed to be increasing our trade with Asia.
That's where the growth is.

The West is looking very sickly really (apart from NZ).
Aussie is getting over the Rudd hangover. The US is going down the drain. The UK and Europe are staggering along (not helped by massive immigration causing social tensions there).
I think Canada may be doing OK, but that's about it for the Western good-news stories - NZ and Canada.

IMO, it is no coincidence that socialist regimes have been in power in several countries during the West's decline. Aussie, the US, France - all of them have suffered under left-wing governments.