Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another sad sack

Just another sad sack who thinks the world owes them a living.

Yes it was incompetent of New Zealand authorities to miss his deliberate deception. But systems are set up based on most people's propensity to be honest.

I have been ripped off by someone I did a lot of work for this year and who now refuses to pay me. I could be described as 'incompetent' for doing the work up front. But isn't that how most people operate? On trust? And I don't plan to change my modus operandi because of one toe rag.

This WINZ fraudster is just another example of someone who promotes an utter inversion of values. He should be held up as such. He is the embodiment of the enemy of honesty.


Kiwiwit said...

It's not the bludging of such people that gets to me so much as their arrogant, holier-than-thou self-justification. The government ought to extradite him just to see that smirk removed from his face. What a scumbag.

Mark Hubbard said...

The travesty is, in our twisted air-head age, he probably believes in the name he has ironically given himself: freedom. And in this he's made the same mistake as the Occupiers. Namely, he is the one who by force has taken my freedom from me, as the State forces me to fund him.

It, and he, is sick on every level. Yet the government continues to take us to bigger government, not limited government.

Richard McGrath said...

What a dishonest prick that guy is. Yet another reason to dismantle the welfare state.

Lindsay, would there be any value in outing on this blog the person who reneged on their debt to you? We would then know not to deal with them until they honoured their obligation.

Mort said...

Freedom: what a waste of oxygen.
That thieving scum-bag deserves to be shackled and made to perform hard labour at minimum wage, with deductions for housing, feeding and clothing him until the debt is repaid, and taxation of course. Holiday on the taxpayer in a pit braking rocks or drilling a tunnel through the Manawatu gorge. (His workmates would be the other Welfare thieves).

Your debtor's credit will be toast if you forgo 20% of the amount, and list it with baycorp.... it will mean that you will get more than nothing, and that individual will not be able to buy anything on tick again until the debt is sorted.