Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Excuse me waiter, is that the calories or the price?

Apparently United States legislators want restaurants to start menu detailing of calorie counts on their meals.

From the USA Today;

This is another pointless and expensive federal proposal that will lead to cookie-cutter menus and will actually retard our incentive to think for ourselves. Do politicians really think that people don't know that a salad has fewer calories than a cheeseburger?

And how long will it be before this asinine idea comes to a country near you?


gravedodger said...

Now you have brought it to notice, very soon I fear.

luggage79 said...

"Do politicians really think that people don't know that a salad has fewer calories than a cheeseburger?"

Maybe it's because of this:

I think it's a good thing they have to account for what they serve!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think if you are going into a fastfood joint you sort of know that you are not going to get a healthy option.

I'm actually for this though as it is more information provided to the consumer. Without information it is hard to make an informed choice.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

If restaurants want to provide the information because there are people like you who want it, fine. It may even give them a competitive edge. And you will no doubt be happy to pay for the time it takes.

But forcing it on all restaurateurs is more abuse of state power.

I cannot believe people can't work out for themselves whether or not something is laden with calories. 'Informed choice'?? What about the ultimate choice? To be free to go about our lives without the frigging govt interfering at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Having been to the states many times, my over riding impression of americans is, they be dumb,loud and fat.

Fast food menu's will not change that.


brian_smaller said...

As my son pointed out if you read the information on the back of the paper sheet that they put on the trays at maccas you will see that some of the healthy choice options have more fat and calories than some of the burgers.