Saturday, August 15, 2009

Teaching lies

How ironic such an inversion of reason should come out of a school principal.

The state school system relies on redistribution of wealth. The poorest school gets double the funding of the richest school. The 'rich' are robbed to pay the 'poor'.

When that fails to happen (or to a lesser degree at least) the Principal cries out;

"It seems that we're robbing the poor to pay the rich," said Mr Gall, who is also president of the Secondary Principals Association.

That's plain wrong. What kind of lesson does it teach to young minds? No wonder we are experiencing an epidemic of entitlement.

Most New Zealanders, it would appear, are prepared to live with some degree of socialism. But let's at least have it properly understood, and honestly and accurately represented.


dimmocrazy said...

It looks like the lesson is that all these things could do with a bit of transparency........

Andrei said...

Teaching lies - huh

They teach all sorts of garbage in schools Lindsay - regular little propaganda factories they are.

'Tis no wonder critical reasoning is in short supply these days.

Anonymous said...

A state school of course?
Face it: state schools teach socialism by their mere existence. The only solution is immediately shutting them all down.

Any parent who cares about their kids is already sending them to private schools who actually care about discipline and learning. But if parents don't care about their kids - why should the rest of us care about them?