Sunday, August 09, 2009

Live blogging from the cat delivery suite

Daisy has gone into labour under the desk. Poor little thing.

Stand by.

2 so far....

Three... mother's doing great.

I think that's it. One tabby, one black and white and one black.

Uh oh. Wrong. After mother appeared to settle down to rest another black one popped out. Running late on time.

No, the second black is actually a dark tabby.

All done.


Anonymous said...

Lovely - they are early kittens Lindsay! I'm surprised she came into season because the weather has been quite cold.


It's global warming, surely!!

Anyway, congratulations on your new brood.

I hope you find good homes for them.

Andrei said...

Mama looks content with her babies on her nice sheepskin rug.

When my cat was pregnant i go a nice basket and sheepskin for her and her kittens but she wouldn't look at it.

She had her kittens behind the TV. Tried putting them in the basket but she just took them back behind the TV, where they stayed.

Lucy said...


brian_smaller said...

Lindsay - when we bred Maine Coons I saw dozens of kittens born over the years. It always intrigued me how the mother's reacted to instinctively to care for their new-borns. Had to help a few times, especailly when they came out fast and mum was not sure which one whe was licking. A towel and some gently rubbing get's the little things breathing and clear of mucus etc.

Sometimes you think they are all out and get up in the morning and find another one.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The births were perfectly spaced Brian. As though nature intended it that way. She had just enough time to clean up one before the next arrived. So much so I thought she was controlling the process.

She was around 20 months old before conceiving. The vet was astonished and thought she might be infertile. Even ran a test on her to make sure she didn't have ovarian cysts. (That wasn't what she was visiting the vet for). I put it down to a lack of toms in this neighbourhood.

Not anticipating finding good homes a problem. One is already spoken for and I have another unsuspecting one in mind already.

Robert wants to keep the runt (just slightly slower on the uptake), the black one, which he has named Jeffrey already. Hope it's a boy.

Sus said...

So gorgeous. Give them wee pats from me -- when Mum allows it. :)

brian_smaller said...

Lindsay. When we bred cats we weighed the kittens every day to make sure that they put on weight and were getting enough food. Sometimes, especially when there was a big litter, we had to get the syringe out and supplementary feed. Worse than kids I tell you.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess this means you a grandma now. : )