Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New govt pushes NZ to No 1 spot

New Zealand is apparently the most peaceful nation in the world.

The rest of the world must be in pretty bad shape.

But this caught my attention;

The report, which surveyed 144 countries, says New Zealand's rise to first is partly explained by the election of a National-Act coalition last year.

"The centre-right National Party has a strong popular mandate and a robust parliamentary majority by New Zealand's standards, putting the new Prime Minister, John Key, in a good position to push through his agenda."

He has an agenda? Apart from managing the economy and public sector better?

I was talking to a friend in the US a couple of days back and we were reflecting on the similarities between the political honeymoon's of Obama and Key. People here were so glad to see the back of Clark (likewise Bush), Key can do anything. More precisely, stuff that was unpopular when Helen was boss is OK under Key. Image and personality trump action.

I can't help but suspect that if New Zealand is the most 'peaceful' it is because New Zealanders are the most apathetic, gullible, dullards.

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