Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A first for parliament?

Has it crossed anyone else's mind that parliament might be about to witness its first case of what has plagued team sports, media celebrities and the police force periodically? On one hand I hope if Worth has (being reported) women problems they are genuine and on the other that they are not. Am I making sense? Let's hope we aren't in for a tawdry, drawn-out, unpleasantly detailed, display of he said/she said.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The silly old goat!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At least thefre is a clean break now, no hanging on, no being protected by the PM, it looks like some ingegrity has at last been restored to parliament, I'm glad Key doesn't have to cover for him, etc. (speaking of the last government and covering for its waywoard ministers...)

PM of NZ said...

I too wondered if a spurious allegation has been made to actually get at National. Worth was a weak link already on notice for other matters.

As you have suggested, if I read you right, a fairly typical allegation for sport teams down track for matters that should stay on tour when there is a chance of getting a payout. In this case the payout being a frontal attack on the government.