Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More Maori single parents on benefits

The number of single parents on welfare is rising.

At Feb 2005 there were 102,350 on a main benefit (DPB, invalid,sickness or unemployment). At March 2009 there are 105,448. Not a huge rise - 3 percent - but a reversal in trend.

And the ethnic make-up has changed again.

2005 Maori = 39%
2009 Maori = 42%

2005 NZ European = 41%
2009 NZ European = 37%

2005 Pacific = 9%
2009 Pacific = 10%

2005 Other/Unspecified = 11%
2009 Other/Unspecified = 11%

We now have two influential Maori role models - Metiria Turei and Paula Bennett - who spent some years bettering themselves on the DPB. This legitimises and promotes taking advantage of a spell on the DPB to improve one's circumstances. Which has to be better than the alternative - getting stuck in a rut where turning out children becomes an income-increasing habit. But some thinking to follow the former route will end up on the latter. Others have no plan at all. The statistics tell us this is the case.

Best all round if they avoid welfare in the first place.


Johnny Dissidence said...

Hi, these are some very interesting statistics. Do you have a source for this you can link me to?

Lindsay Mitchell said...


Anonymous said...

hi, i was wondering if you have the statistics to maori solo mothers in new zealand

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The last officially collected stats would be the 2006 Census. Why don't you try asking Statistics NZ via info@stats.govt.nz

They are usually fairly prompt.

Bear in mind it's a fluid stat.