Saturday, January 03, 2009

'More-money' Maharey

And staying in the Manawatu, 'more-money' Maharey has poked his head up again. The Dominion Post has a piece today about his goals as Vice Chancellor of Massey University.

"The top of my tree is that they give us more money...

" ...we can help the government to get outstanding policy, as long as they give us some more money."

"We just can't be world competitive if we are not given more money."

Got your chequebook out?


Anonymous said...

The man who `double dipped' from when he was appointed to the Massey position until the election has no shame.

Anonymous said...

He was a dickhead when he was at Massey in the 80s. Still is.

Anonymous said...

I agree with pdm's opinion.

Maharey is nothing but a shameless individual ready to exploit the system and milk it to his advantage.

Anonymous said...

He was the Minister for Teritary Education and he continued the miserly funding to Universities. The Course Costs Maxima policy has been in place since 2003 so if he only intended to be in place for three years why wasn't it ended in 2006, or did he reinstate it during his time in office? Decisions where academic values and issues of quality come second to commercial imperative were easily made when he was in office however now that he has to run a university in line with those policies he is asking for more funding. The irony!