Sunday, December 28, 2008

The evolution of language

Yet another case of child murder where the alleged perpetrator is a beneficiary. According to the NZ Herald,

The arrested man, a beneficiary, will also face a number of drug-related charges.

Somebody has to say what we all think, " No surprises there."

The term 'beneficiary basher' has developed quite an ambiguous meaning. In an ironic twist, those who coined the term were apologists for lifestyle beneficiaries, the literal bashers. But it was never enough to deter those of us who could see the overlap between welfare dependence and violence widening and worsening.

How awful that our support, voluntary or otherwise, for supposed 'need', enables the sort of circumstances to develop whereby children are now, as Deborah Coddington points out today, at greater risk of death through violence than prostitutes.


Anonymous said...

Coddington says "Isn't it time we rounded on the low-lives who make children's lives a misery, instead of lecturing good parents about the dangers of breastfeeding in bed, or reversing a vehicle without checking?" yet she slammed people who opposed the anti-smacking law who knew that it would never stop cases like the latest child abuse death. Coddington is confused.

mojo said...

Politicians ... constantly striving for what they see as 'the moral highground.' So not really confusion, just blighted vision.

It is also beyond time that 'altered state of consciousness' (drugged out of their brains) is not seen as approximating those 'mental states' that 'diminish responsibility at law.' There should be no mitigatory factors accepted for such behaviour.