Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On columnists

There are not many I read. But two have come to my attention this morning, both with exceptional pieces albeit very different in subject and style.

What is the NZ Herald thinking of letting Colin James go? Are we, the-readers-with-more-than-fluff-between-our-ears, of such little consequence? Just as the Dominion Post made the indefensible botch up of sacking Michael Bassett, the Herald seems oblivious to the vast political knowledge and perspicacity of thought possessed by the endangered likes of these two writers. Ah, but the past is not important. Perhaps James inadvertently confirmed his own apparent redundancy by touching on this phenomenon today. Then again, perhaps that is why we go on and on doing what doesn't work. Because we refuse to listen to - or have a dumbed-down media preventing us from listening to - those who have seen it all before.

I understand Mr James will continue writing his thought-provoking pieces. I have always subscribed to them directly anyway so bugger the Herald. You can too ( subscribe that is) by e-mailing ColinJames@synapsis.co.nz

The second columnist, who helped dissipate - slightly - the anger I am feeling towards the Herald (a letter to the editor may also assist) is Jeremy Clarkson, who has written a hilariously rude piece of advice for street retailers. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Do we know who is taking over from Colin James at the Herald?

Anonymous said...

They seem to prefer Tapu Misa (sp) who has morphed into a religious wingnut and Garth George - who is also a wingnut.

Also the previously very good Fran O'Sullivan has her head up her own bum most of the time these days.

I'll be subscribing to James.

Anonymous said...

Foolish decision by the Herald, Colin James is one of the very best. What are they thinking of? Yet Jim Hopkins still has his slot. Strange.