Saturday, January 03, 2009

One man's opinion

A Manawatu 'artist' has been spray painting messages on high traffic walls. He is upset that his art is being described as tagging. I started reading this story feeling antagonism towards the artist but by the time I had finished I was grinning. If his views are not a by-product of religious conviction they are certainly unusual.

"At this time, the message I want to put out there is about love."

He said that for so long he had been saddened to see families torn apart, and husbands and wives or partners being unfaithful to each other.

"It saddens me that people live like this, but more so infuriates me because it happens. Most men are so weak and are just out there trying to impress their peers and all that bulls**t!"

The messages of love he had placed on the wall of the high-traffic area near the art gallery and the City Library were to affirm that love was about being faithful, honest and loyal, he said. This was love's true and only essence.

"It's about how your heart is for one person and one person only.

"People throw their heart around like it's nothing and [part of] a desolate, worthless life."

Men treated women poorly and had no respect for them, but women were even worse to men.

Yes. I quite like this guy. He has his eyes wide open.

It takes time to come to the realisation that love isn't lust, sentimental gesture or statement, physical displays of affection, or obsessive infatuation. It's commitment. I don't believe in a golden age passed but there is certainly a lot less of it about right now.


Anonymous said...

Its that time of year when the "news" is on a go slow. Government, both cental and local is on holiday and the papers are full of this human interest crap.

I dont doubt this chaps sincerity. BUT.As a ratepayer I'm buggered if I feel the need to provide him with his canvas to proclaim his message to mankind. Why doesnt he rent a billboard like other advertisers? It would appear He can afford the spray cans......
All the attention will probably get him a spot on some Ministry of Social Development work scheme atudying the artistic merits of that much maligned word "Love".


Lindsay Mitchell said...
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Lindsay Mitchell said...

I agree. But as abusers of property rights go, at least this one had a smidgen of saving grace. And the MSD would find his sort of values offensive. The evolved state-funded welfare ethos and commitment are antithetical.

Anonymous said...

I was being facetious, but on the other hand, my wife works for the MSD and the stories she regales me with make one believe anything is possible when it comes to the public chequebook.