Monday, August 25, 2008

Incomes of immigrants and their offspring

Here are a couple more graphs/tables from a report into the experiences of immigrants to New Zealand. The first shows that of those individuals holding a Bachelor's Degree or higher, Scots earn the most and Koreans the least. The difference is significant at nearly $40,000. Some of the reasons suggested for the low median incomes for Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea are that their female labour market participation rate is lower (more stay-at-home mums?) self-employment and living off assets.

The next table shows however that full-time employed Chinese New Zealand-born have the highest median incomes. All of the NZ-born ethnicities are earning considerably more than their overseas-born counterparts. That is good news in as much as children are doing better than their parents. All of the NZ-born ethnicities are earning more than Maori. Not such good news for Maori.

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