Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Douglas "talks up" flat tax

Roger Douglas was covered by TV One news last night at a candidates meeting in Auckland "talking up" flat tax. ACT's promise is for a flat rate of 15%.

One of the things that instantly impressed me about Roger was his dismissal of personality politics. He wanted candidates "on message" on the campaign trail.

You know as a candidate that the media will cover one, maybe two of the points you make. The Hutt News has covered two local meetings so far and on both occasions ACT has been reported as primarily pushing for economic growth, having a plan to lift incomes by $500 and why that is so important.

Now it looks like I'll be able to start pushing flat tax as well.


Blair said...

I love how Roger throughout his career hasn't given a toss what his party thinks and just pushes ahead with what he wants anyway.

With 99% of other politicians that would be a liability, but with him it's an asset. If only there were more like him.

Anonymous said...

Good blog Lindsay. Had a wee laugh about your son's comments. The Greens are the ones I struggle most with due to their lack of rational discourse.