Sunday, December 09, 2007

Stop trusting your intuition, Kerre

This is a quote from Kerre Woodham's column in today's Herald on Sunday;

...I'm becoming a political agnostic. Intuitively, I believe well- meaning left-leaning policies and state intervention are the answers to helping the disaffected, but in the absence of any proof after nine years in that direction, I'm suspending my belief. Instead of expending so much energy on politics, I'd love to see this Government spend some time on policies.

Try sixty nine years 'in that direction'. If well-meaning state intervention to help the disaffected can be pinpointed to a key date I would choose 1938. That was when Labour introduced a social security tax and a raft of benefits hitherto unknown.

If Kerre could accept that instead of nine years of failure we've really had 69, perhaps she might start calling for fewer government policies instead of more.


Rick said...

I heard her doing an infomercial thismorning where she said "You're not just trying to SELL something like everybody else: ARE YOU?"

(Please, say yes...please say yes...)

"No! No no," replied the hapless salesman trying to flog his reverse mortgages.

Hells bells. Selling things ain't no vice.
Next we'll be calling John Key a "rich prick" as if the word richer were a....ah. Too late.

Anonymous said...

She's another do-gooder reluctant to admit her ill judgement.

I wrote Kerre off years ago and stopped listening to her on the radio.

Anonymous said...

So in the absence of proof, she doesn't alter her thinking. She literally stops thinking.

Yes, Manolo. A sincerely nice person - and she is - but in reality just another indoctrinated lefty journo who cannot face the truth.