Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Women want 'no-strings sex' "

Two young women researchers are calling for a new form of sexual ethics that would allow women to have casual sex without feeling that they're "sluts".

I do not understand this or the extrapolations made. A new set of ethics can't just be 'called for'. They evolve. My morality is my understanding of what is right and what is wrong. I can't just expect others to adopt my morality wholesale (although I can try to persuade them why I hold it).

Does this mean they want parents and teachers to tell children casual sex is OK? How can they do that when feelings about sex are so personal?

If people want to have casual sex that's their business. Hopefully they can find a willing partner and it doesn't get messy emotionally. But I won't be imparting this set of 'new ethics' to my kids. I will be imparting what I have learnt through my own experience and hoping I can help them avoid some pitfalls and pain.

It seems to me these ladies are denying the human condition.


mojo said...

One must of course conclude that these 'double standarded men' are having 'casual sex' with non casual women, formal women or women behaving formally ... I'm not reaaly sure.
Or perhaps, "excuse me, I'm just popping out for a bit of solitary..."
Most social engineering has its basis in the towers of academia, spreads through their enthusaistic, eager to learn charges, infects our lower educational institutions and is hence imposed on the masses by stealth.
... and it takes a long time to again revert to more 'appropriate' conduct ... arguably our police force are a good example of that, the remaining intransigents from the 'sexual revolution.'
Similar to these women, really. Devolution to hedonism.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I am game if they are.

Brian Smaller

ZenTiger said...

I suppose they'll also be calling for a new form of sexual consequences too? Maybe their research hasn't progressed that far yet?

bruddah said...

These over-educated sluts will wake up sad and alone in 20 years. The sexual revolution has only encouraged male irresponsibility and exploitation of women,

Romance, Marriage and family are good things built into the female psyche, but militant feminists are filled with so much selfishness and rage against men and families that they don't care about the human tragedy wrought by their hateful idealogy

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll get a few free dinners while she persuades me to hop into bed with her - and I don't have to make a committment. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Anonymous said...

These women have forgotten what sex is for. They seem to think its about having fun. How remarkably shallow and selfish.
What I find astonishing is that one of them is paid out of the public purse to generate such nonsense.
It does us all - and esepcially women - a grave injustice.