Thursday, December 13, 2007

The wrong motivation

I came across this on another blog. It's a Left blog that appears to have attacking David Farrar and others as its reason for being. It is even styled after the very popular Kiwiblog. Naturally its contributors are anonymous.

Linking whoring to Lindsay Mitchell is not going to help you, Ms Mitchell’s barely numerate.....I’ve read Mitchell’s commentary before and she struggles to make out coherent argument and doesn’t deal with stats well. Her problem of course may not be numeracy, it may be that her arguments don’t stack up with you look for data…

Wouldn't it be better if the poster had simply questioned my arguments here? If I get things wrong - and I do - I'm not going to get it right without somebody pointing out the error. But what this comment really brings home is the propensity of some (many?) on the Left to malign people rather than their ideas. Trevor Mallard leaps to mind.

And I question the motivation of these types. Their interest in politics seems to stem largely from the pleasure they take in fighting and hating. That's a shame because they give politics a bad name and ward off others who might have a worthy contribution to make. We mustn't let that happen.


Anonymous said...

Not really any different from the answers to Questions for Oral Answer in Parliament. Serious debate is ridiculed. Smart-alec obfuscation is the order of the day.
Blogs of the left are of no moment.
I suggest, Lindsay, that critical comment is valid only from people who's opinions you respect.
In the meantime, I can follow your reasoning and am grateful for your efforts. Thank-you for sharing your findings.

Oliver Woods said...

Your post would've made sense, and many people would've felt for you over these anonymous attacks, Lindsay, if you hadn't included your own pathetic and hypocritical little attack on left wingers.

I'd say left-wingers just as much as right-wingers and libertarians use nasty language and petty attacks in the blogosphere.

Please don't be a hypocrite :).

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Oliver, I am not responsible for other "right-wingers and libertarians". Personally I try not to "use nasty language" or make "petty attacks".
I did recently use the f... word but that was directed at my computer.

Anonymous said...

Take it in a stride Lindsay.

Some of the people participating in the debate (from left and right) are out of their depths and have to resort to personal attacks and vile comments.

Your blog is excellent and worth reading. Keep it up.