Sunday, June 11, 2006

There isn't much to entice me to the big red shed but I concede their music DVDs are the cheapest and their selection the best.

Music DVDs are making available so much previously unseen or unheard of. Today I came across a Bonnie Rait concert with guests Jackson Browne, Bryan Adams, and Bruce Hornsby. Wonderful. Last week at concert by Bruce Hornsby with guests Gregory Hines, Don Henley and Pat Metheny. Don Henley perched on the end of Hornsby's piano stool dueting 'The End of the Innocence' is just beautiful. But today this one left me perplexed. Gordon Lightfoot's voice was always deep and rich. In this 2000 performance he sounds like he has inhaled helium. I did a search and found other people have commented on how thin and nasal his voice has become but can find no reason for this. It sounds as though he had some sort of surgery on either his nose or throat. The songs are still haunting but I don't feel compelled to watch it again.

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