Monday, June 12, 2006

"Big girl's blouse"

Umm. Wonder if Super Trev is up with the play? Apparently the new Superman is a "big girl's blouse".

Concerns have been mounting that the latest Superman, played by Brandon Routh, an unknown from Iowa, may not be “macho” enough for a key group of ticket-buyers: teenage boys. Earlier this month The Advocate, an influential gay magazine, proclaimed Routh’s Superman a homosexual icon, alongside Judy Garland and Cher, because he “lives a secret double life, wears tights and has lovely long eyelashes”.

Last week Bryan Singer, the film’s gay director and responsible for previous hits such as The Usual Suspects and the first two X-Men movies, compounded the anxiety by describing Superman Returns as a “chick flick about a superhero seen from a woman’s perspective, with qualities you’d want in a husband”. The woman is the ace reporter Lois Lane, played by Kate Bosworth.

“Young men do not want a soft Superman: they want the Man of Steel, even if he is 68 years old,” said one Hollywood executive last week.

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Craig Ranapia said...

Yawn... Here's a memo for Mr. A. Nonymous quoted extensively in the attached story: Real men bitch and dish on the record.

And if you read the attached story the real concern isn't that Superman is too nelly - after all, Bryan Singer may be a bog old poof but it didn't stop the straight boys turning the X-Men into the closest thing Fox has to a reliable tentpole franchise. The real issue is that Fox - like every other studio - is in a vicious spiral where it's increasingly dependent on a small number of very expensive films. Wonderful if they're solidly profitable; one flop, however, and you're in serious crap.