Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Microchipping saga goes on

People frequently talk about MMP allowing minor parties to act as the tail wagging the dog. Now they literally are. This is really goofy politics from United Future.

MP Gordon Copeland sent a letter to deputy leader Michael Cullen and Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta yesterday with a clear message – exempt working dogs or don't count on United Future's vote.

"If they don't buy that then we are going to have to do some careful thinking," Mr Copeland said.

What kind of thinking have they done so far? The government wants to do something totally stupid, United Future something half-stupid (which in a way is even more stupid). National and the Greens belatedly want to stop the stupidity, now they have sensed the public mood. ACT was the only party who saw the stupidity for what it was in the first place.

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Unknown said...

What is worst is that even after finally getting United Future to admit that the reasons they oppose chipping farm dogs apply to chipping any dog - they are still only standing up for the minority.

There have been 3 high profile dog attacks since this legislation was announced. All 3 dogs were unregistered. Nobody has been able to explain how anything before or after the attacks would have been different if this legislation was in place. THAT is what highlights the stupidity of it.