Monday, April 03, 2006

What does Tariana mean?

Stuff reports; The Maori Party is warning National against continuing with its campaign to abolish the Maori seats in Parliament.

National leader Don Brash is worried about the number of Maori seats increasing and says getting rid of them is an important policy for his party.

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said today Maori were "sick to death" of political opportunism.

I don't know what she means. Genuinely. I don't. Do you?


Rebel Heart said...

i'm sick to death of the left's politically opportunism by labelling other stuff political opportunism. is she like a suicide supporter or something?

Craig Ranapia said...

Well, I notice a certain Mr Morrie Love has been all over the media today attacking Don Brash's "irresponsible political opportunism" and "anti-democratic rhetoric".

Of course, what wasn't mentioned is that Mr Love was number nine on the Maori Party list, which hardly makes him a disinterested by-stander does it?

I'd also note there's nothing anti-democratic about Mr. Brash restating a policy that was part of platform that won 39.1% of the party vote. The Maori Party won 2.12%.