Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PM - We're all in this together

In this week's Listener the Prime Minister says,"The post-Orewa period was very unpleasant, but, in a sense, it was therapeutic. A lot of people were able to get a lot of things off their chests. Eventually, a period of reflection sets in and people think,'Okay, all these things have been said, but at the end of the day, I go to work with Maori, I live in the same street as Maori, I'm in the same community organisations, the kids go to school with Maori, aren't we all in this together?'"

Absolutely. So why the Maori seats? Why the separatism?


Rick said...

:: wispering ::

it's spin Lindsay. you forgot to be spinned.

Libertyscott said...

Just the usual Labour lies about believing that Orewa was Maori bashing. They know it wasn't, they wish it was, so they claim it was.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I wasn't interested in the Orewa propaganda - just what she said about living and working together. It's self evident. A separate electoral system is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Its right because the Divine Heavenly Beloved Leader say so.And dont you forget it